product design & engineering

The Startup Builder is an end-to-end full-service product development firm tailored mostly to small to mid-size companies between 1 and 100 people.  With a 25-person team across 3 offices, The Startup Builder has end-to-end in-house industrial design, mechanical design, electrical design (both hardware and firmware), and prototyping services.  We work seamlessly with your team to ensure your next-generation products are modern, reliable, and cost-effective. We have decades of experience developing hundreds of products. Whether it is a complete product re-design, new product line, or just a helping hand when in need, our team is here to ensure your product business is a booming success! Scroll down to find out more about how The Startup Builder Design is setting a new bar for hardware design services.


The Startup Builder + Invent is a consumer product development group that provides everything needed to turn invention ideas into successful product businesses. The Startup Builder was the first to provide professional-grade product design, engineering, and development to individual inventors and start-ups, especially in the cost-effective, quick-to-market, full in-house package that The Startup Builder offers.  Ready for The Startup Builder + Invent to change your life? Read on below to find out more…


We take your invention from that idea in your head to a fully-designed and developed consumer product. We build your invention exactly as you envisioned it combined with our design expertise and strategic advice, all using our first-to-market proprietary invention design process and technology.


Our fabrication shop works with materials suppliers, parts vendors, fabricators, and manufacturers to develop a functional prototype(s) of your product. After finishing your prototype, we work with patent lawyers to protect your product with a strong patent strategy.


After we set up manufacturing, the goal is to get your product in front of buyers and ultimately into as many stores as possible. We want to help you achieve the highest level of success because as our clients’ businesses grow, The Startup Builder grows.  We have a whole range of sales and distribution partners, in addition to strategic business guidance.