Our Approach

Our Approach

Here at The Startup Builder,  we strive for the satisfaction of our customers by proven growth and success of your business.  We like to consider ourselves a one-stop-shop for businesses of all kinds.  Whatever your industry The Startup Builder has something for you.  Whether you are an existing business looking to expand or a brand new startup we can take an idea, concept or even a napkin drawing and through our process we can design, prototype, manufacture, package, market and deliver on a global scale. We are the first of our kind, there have been many that come before us offering a similar product or service, but who wants to deal with that many vendors, businesses and people.  Let us take the confusion out of building an empire and focus on what you love,  we are the only business you will ever need.


Our Story

Meet the Team

The lifeforce of The Startup Builder started with 3 young men and an idea.  That idea has developed into a constantly evolving and growing company with over 250 satisfied customers and counting.  We look forward to earning and helping your business.


David Rudebush aka Rudy


Certified Solidworks Professional


Anthony A McDonough


Mechanical Engineer & Designer


Christopher Pitocco


Industrial engineer & QMS expert