3D scanning/ Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering using 3D scan data is the most efficient & effective way to generate a CAD model from a physical object or situation that has any kind of complex or free-form shape. While using traditional measurement techniques such as calipers and tape measures to reverse engineer these complex surfaces can be difficult or even impossible, 3D laser scanning shines. Scan data can be turned into a model representing its as-built shape or to match original as-designed features – including parametric ones.

Take advantage of our 30 years of reverse engineering experience to help you:

  • Obtain CAD data that captures an object’s original design intent
  • Design a new part to fit to a legacy part
  • Accurately model performance surfaces
  • Update CAD models of your tooling to match shop-floor changes
  • Redesign a part without manufacturing defects
  • Modernize your manufacturing process



3D Scanning - Parts & Objects

With 30 years of successful 3D scanning projects, Laser Design can scan anything from tiny components to vehicles and even entire buildings. We have locations around the globe and provide customers with unmatched technology and expertise

Buildings & Structures (BIM)

Terrestrial 3D scanning is a ground-based technique for collecting high-density spatial imaging with millions of coordinates quickly and accurately.

Aircraft, Vehicles, Boats & Large Objects

Collect high-density spatial imaging with millions of coordinates quickly and accurately for your aircraft, vehicle and other large objects. The size of the specimen being scanned is no longer limited!

ITAR - Weapons

Laser Design is committed to investing in secure resources that ensure that all of our ITAR data is stored in a manner that meets or exceeds the ITAR requirements. With Laser Design you know your ITAR project is being fulfilled by a company that is registered.